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St Cecilia

St Cecilia

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The Specs: 

11.7 x 18.2 cm (approx. 5x7”) size art print
280+gsm textured professional printery art stock
Carefully packed with backboard for safe shipping

St Cecilia lived in Ancient Rome, and she and her husband and her husband’s brother started an illegal ministry of burying the bodies of Christian martyrs. Her husband and brother in law were both killed for their part in this ministry, and when Cecilia kept burying the martyrs alone she was also killed.

One of my favourite things about Cecilia is that even as she was dying for 3 days, she preached and ministered to people and worshiped God. That’s the radical kind of life I want to live - even when I’m walking through the valley of the shadow of death, I know He’s with me and praise Him still. (Psalm 23)

What an incredible woman to have as an example of running the race ahead of us, to the end. Just a normal human, living out an extraordinary “yes” to God. Jesus extends us all the same invitation…will we say “yes” to whatever He is asking of us?

Saint Cecilia, please pray for us! 🙏