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Jesus' Face

Jesus' Face

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Yesterday my college Bible teacher stood up to teach a Bible class and said, “I hope I’m not wrong but I think God wants me to do something different today” and led our class into a space to encounter Him rather than learn about Him.

I met Him. His eyes ripped me out of delusion and confusion and back into first love.

I’d give all of this up - I nearly did yesterday - Salt + Gold, the 100k community, this IG account, creating art, because of that encounter. But I don’t know how to tell you about it. Words are failing to describe it after hours of trying.

All I have to give you is Jesus. I can’t tell you about my encounter - you need one of your own. You can’t live off of my revelation. You’ll always be hungry and not quite satisfied. But Jesus - He’s the food that will fill you.

I got home and drew Jesus because I don’t care about giving you anything else. You don’t need challenging concepts or powerful art or clever captions. You need Jesus. Firsthand.

Just like my Bible teacher yesterday who wanted us to meet Him rather than learn about Him, that’s what I’m obsessed with. I don’t want to tell you about Him, I want you to meet him. Go meet Him.