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DIGITAL FILE: Distraction

DIGITAL FILE: Distraction

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My heart sinks when I wonder how many times I’ve missed out on a moment with Him because I’ve been recording the moment for someone else to appreciate.

💔 And here’s the really heartbreaking thing. Because He is so faithful, always eager for relationship with me - even in the moments when my eyes have been glued to my phone, thinking I’ll find Him there in the follows or the likes or someone else’s inspirational IG caption - He’s been washing my feet the whole time. Even when I didn’t notice or care or react.

I have the kind of God who would die for me even if I wasn’t paying attention.

🌬 At Calvary was I scrolling the feed or watching triple x videos or choosing a new profile picture to get attention or was I paying attention to my King’s last breaths?

🫁 Did I hear His sudden gasp as air filled His lungs again for the first time in 3 days?

👂 Phones aren’t bad. Social media isn’t bad. Recording moments isn’t bad. But maybe when our hands twitch to get our phones out during a particularly powerful moment of worship…lean in to listen for the King’s breaths instead.

He is waiting, and washing.

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