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ENOUGH // Guided Journal
ENOUGH // Guided Journal
ENOUGH // Guided Journal
ENOUGH // Guided Journal
ENOUGH // Guided Journal

ENOUGH // Guided Journal

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Today is a good day to declare, "I've had enough of the lies."

Your story is unique, and this guided process makes room for that. With inputs & scripture as a firm foundation for every section, the journal explores how you might be listening to or believing lies in areas such as your identity (did you know even Jesus' identity was attacked?), your relationships, your future, your calling, even your personality, and replaces these lies with God's voice of truth.

Today is a good day to know, "I am enough."

Whether you complete the whole journey in one sitting, or gently work through it over a year, you will finish with a powerful declaration customised to your life to keep as a reminder of God's promises, purposes, future and affirmation of who you are. Use this journal as a tool for your prayer time, and invite God to remind you again of who He created you to be.

The Specs:
Textured linen 350gsm cover with flaps (aka, a built-in bookmark)
110 extra-weighted pages of goodness
Printed locally in Melbourne VIC Australia
Free shipping!

The themes:
The power of words & names
Promises & vows
Thoughts & pathways
Hope levels across our life
Dreams & calling