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He hung stark naked in front of his mother, his friends, his enemies, and that’s how he died. Without a shred of dignity. His clothes sold in front of him before he was even dead. No delicately placed white cloth.

He’s that humble.

Meanwhile today I could barely keep eye contact when someone asked what I’m studying and I had to say “Christian ministry.”

I don’t know how I ever accused Jesus of holding anything back from me. There are no barriers, no limits to His love. Not even his rightful dignity as God.

🏃 He’d gather up his robes and run towards me after I’ve embarrassed His name and traded His inheritance for trash.
🐄 He’d be born covered in blood and mess amongst animal faeces so I’d remember He knows what it’s like to be me.
💛 He’d let me walk up to him and sell him out with a sign of affection after I let Him wash my feet with love a few hours earlier.
🥋 He’d let me strip him naked and kill him so I could spend forever with Him.

What a God.

(Original painting “Christ Crucified” Diego Velázquez, 17th-century)